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Austin, Texas
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If you feel like you are seeing concrete polishing trend online and on design platforms, you aren’t imagining it. Concrete polishing is gaining popularity from coast to coast. Polished concrete floors in Austin, Texas, are a great choice for your home. Not only do these floors hold up to the day-to-day busy household, but they have unmatched longevity when compared to other materials. These floors also do very well in our specific environment. If you’re curious to learn more about concrete polishing in Austin, Texas, you have come to the right place. Keep reading to learn more about our services and how we can help you with a whole new aesthetic for your home.
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    Benefits of Concrete Polishing for Residential Property

    Are polished concrete floors the right choice for your home?
    Whether you’re new to concrete polishing or have been researching them, there are a number of benefits to using this material. Let’s break those down below, so you can determine if these floors are right for you.
    • Easy to Maintain – Homeowners are busier than ever with work, taking care of family, and jam-packed social calendars. Most homeowners desire a hassle-free flooring system that’s not only easy to clean but easy to maintain. Concrete floors deliver that promise. You will not need specialty cleaners or tools to care for your polished concrete floors. We will go over specific care instructions like using hot water and nonacidic cleaning agents, using soft cloths and brooms to remove debris, and how to remove stains if they happen. 
    • Superior Longevity – Every flooring system is an investment, and chances are you want to make a good investment in your floors too. When you install polished concrete floors, you are making a wise investment. These floors have a reputation for lasting longer than any other material you can choose from. Concrete offers years of enjoyment, if not decades if the floors are cared for correctly. 
    • Remarkable Durability – As you are likely well aware, concrete is a rock-hard material used in some of the most impressive structures on the planet. When you choose to work with concrete, you will benefit from its durability as well. This floor can take repeated foot traffic, drops, spills, heavy furniture, and anything else you and your family can throw at it. You will be hard-pressed to find a more durable flooring system and one that is classic and sure to be on-trend for decades. 
    • Safety Minded – Many people wonder, especially homeowners with little kids, if concrete floors are safe for their family. At first glance, these floors can look slippery. Polished concrete floors actually grip better than you might think, and we can add different additives to increase that safety. The floors are hard to the touch, so we always suggest adding layers such as rugs and floor pillows to help soften its tough aesthetic. But, children and pets tend to do just fine on polished concrete floors. 
    • Aesthetic Options – Polished concrete floors can take on a few different aesthetics depending on your lifestyle and design desires. If you’re more minimalistic, you may opt for a more raw-looking floor with little color and shine. However, if you like a super glossy look with deeper color or texture, we can provide that as well. We will go over this in detail when we learn more about your lifestyle and the look you’re hoping to achieve. 
    • Sustainability – For our friends who want to remain more eco-conscious, polished concrete floors are an excellent decision. The materials for concrete are easy to source by comparison to other materials like wood or vinyl. Since the product lasts so long, there will be little necessity for adding or refinishing the floors with additional material. Also, concrete can be recycled and is often used in projects such as playgrounds, schools, and even ocean reefs.

    Polished Concrete Floors in Action

    Where to find polished Concrete Floors in Residential Properties
    Polished Concrete Floors in Action
    You might be wondering what are some of the best rooms to use concrete in your home. Since the material is so versatile, polished concrete floors can be used just about anywhere. But let us share with you some popular spaces you can find polished concrete and its performance.
    We install a huge array of coatings:
    • Kitchens – Polish concrete floors shine in the kitchen. This is partly because they can withstand being at the center of the household. Kitchens get a lot of foot traffic and daily use. The floors are easy to clean and don’t hide particles and debris as other flooring options can.
    • Bathrooms – You will also find polished concrete floors in bathrooms because of how easy they are to maintain and disinfect. Truthfully, bathrooms can get dirty, and the last thing you want is a difficult floor to deal with. Polished concrete floors offer a seamless look that is easy to clean and is still safe for bath time settings.
    • Main Living Areas – Many homeowners are opting for polished concrete floors in their main living spaces since this is another highly used area of the home. While the floors are not ideal for sitting on, many homeowners are layering things like rugs and floor pillows to add texture and comfort. They are ideal because they are easy to clean and can withstand a busy home.
    • Sunrooms and Patios – In Austin, sunrooms and patios are busy areas of the home. These spaces often double as dining areas, conversation collectors, and even playrooms. Polish concrete floors in sunrooms or patios offer a beautiful aesthetic that can hold up to UV exposure. We can even add additives into our polishing process to give the floors more UV protection.
    • Garages – Your garage is a hub of activity. Whether you do laundry in the space, park your vehicles, do school projects, or work on your hobbies, this floor is ideal for your home. A polished concrete floor in the garage will offer years of protection against wear and tear, spills, collecting debris or dust, and much more. We can finish the floors in a high-gloss look if you are after that showroom finish.

    Why You Should Work With Us

    Your connection for the best concrete polishing in Austin, Texas
    We love what we do, and it shows in our work. We understand that trying to find reliable and budget-friendly contractors can be difficult. We hope that we can change your mind about that and deliver a high-quality polished concrete floor. Here are some additional reasons to work with our company.
    • Budget-Conscious – We know every client we work with wants a contractor that is mindful of their budget. We build top-notch quotes and offer transparent pricing, so you know exactly what you’re getting when you hire our team.
    • True Professionals – we hire knowledgeable and well-trained technicians and installers. These are skilled professionals who take pride in their work and are highly respectful of your home. They desire to deliver a beautiful polished concrete floor for you to enjoy for years to come.
    • Industry Leaders – We have been working in this business for several years. This has given us the experience and knowledge to deliver superior projects. We also partner with the right companies to ensure we deliver the best results.
    • Top-Notch Partners – We partner with manufacturers with good reputations and superior products. We believe this is an important step that is overlooked by our competition. Most homeowners we work with don’t always consider this factor. We feel our partners are just as much a priority to projects as our own work.
    • Business the Right Way – We are a licensed and insured business to protect your home and our company. We also offer labor warranties on our work, giving you another layer of safety and confidence in what we deliver.
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